Elementary Grades

Our school seeks to provide a holistic learning environment where children are inspired to learn and become active participants in their communities. We strive to make Salmon Bay School an inclusive community where all children and their families are welcome and valued.

  • Classroom meetings promote a feeling of community and strong relationships
  • A looping strategy is used to often provide students with one teacher for two years, which deepens relationships and helps students find both a comfortable level of challenge as well as support
  • Parents/guardians provide important assistance in the classroom
  • The elementary school is K-5 and consists of two looping kindergarten or first grade classes, two looping 2nd or 3rd grade classes, and two looping 4th or 5th grade classes.  We also have an I.E.P. (Special Education) teacher, P.E. teacher, a literacy specialist, a librarian, and art and music specialists whom students work with each week. Elementary teachers work within a Primary Team (K, 1, 2) or an Intermediate Team (3, 4, 5). Students having IEP’s are fully integrated into the regular class schedule.