School Policies


Non Commercialism: Salmon Bay does not typically use school space to advertise or promote private companies.

Keep Valuables at Home: Valuables, including Gameboys, I-Pods and other electronic items, can be a distraction and temptation in the school setting, and easily lost, so we ask that these items not come to school, or be kept in the child’s backpack in their locker during the day.

Cell phones: Lots of middle school parents rely on cell phone communications with their student(s) after school. Students are welcome to have a cell phone but they must keep them in their lockers until dismissal.

Technology: All middle school and many upper elementary school students use computers for word processing, spreadsheets, classroom presentations, and the Internet. Our library catalog is accessible via the school district's intranet on every computer in our school.

Discipline Guide: Salmon Bay has a progressive discipline process. The steps include: (1) notification of rule and verbal warning; (2) conferencing and processing with student; (3) discipline referral by staff member, phone call home by referring staff member; (4) mediation or possible alternative consequence; (5) lunch detention or loss of recess; (6) for severity and/or second offense, administrator calls home and for middle school, Scholar’s Table; (7) short-term suspension, re-entry conference; (8) long-term suspension, re-entry conference; and (9) expulsion.

Dress code: Our goal is to allow all students the opportunity to be comfortably dressed and to be able to express themselves in a manner that does not disrupt, offend or intimidate students or adults. Inappropriate dress includes clothing that advertises displays or suggests drugs, alcohol, sex, profanity, weapons, tag names or gang affiliation. Tank tops, tube tops, shirts that expose the stomach (spaghetti straps, midriffs, tank tops that do not fully cover undergarments) are not allowed. Shorts and skirts should extend to mid-thigh. All pants should be worn at the hips (no sagging). If students wear inappropriate attire, they will be given a warning and asked to change.

Lost and Found: The Lost & Found for clothing is located in the cafeteria. Smaller lost items are located in the main office. Every break, unclaimed clothing is given to a local charity, unless they have a name and then efforts are made to connect the item with the owner.

Absences & Tardies

If your student is absent for any reason, please call the attendance office at 252.1728 before 9:00 am. Students who are late must report to the attendance office to obtain an admit slip to be given to the teacher, and parents must sign them in.           

Excused absences require a note or phone call from the parent/guardian. Unexcused absences and tardies include oversleeping, missing the bus, babysitting, leaving school without signing out, or student job requirements. Any absence of 5 or more consecutive days require a doctor’s note. Planned absences during the school year are not excused unless arranged ahead of time; if you are planning an absence from school, you must complete a Planned Absence form, found in the main office.

Truancy occurs when a student is absent without permission, and will result in disciplinary action. To leave school during the school day, students must bring a signed note from the parent/guardian, and the student or parent must sign-out at the main office. Classroom tardiness will be handled by individual teachers and by the team; if tardiness is chronic, teachers will communicate with parents via The Source.

Student Health

Nurse’s Availability: Julie Kaloper, RN BSN is the nurse assigned to our building. As of the time of this publication’s printing, her schedule is to be on-site Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Illnesses: Do not send your sick child to school with a fever, excessive coughing and/or runny nose, or with an unexplained rash. Students should be without a fever for 24 hours before returning to the building. Notify the school office if your child has been found to have any of the common childhood illnesses such as chicken pox, Fifth’s disease (virus), head lice or conjunctivitis (pink eye).

Medications at School: All students requiring medications during the school day MUST have a Medication Authorization Form filled out and signed by their Health Care Provider. The form is available online at, or you may contact Nurse Julie or one of our office staff. Medications must be in their original container, labeled and kept in the school office.

Allergies: Many students in our building have potentially life-threatening allergies to foods. To provide a safe and healthy learning environment for these students please pay strict attention to any specific classroom guidelines regarding food. For more info, contact Nurse Julie.

Lice: Head lice (pediculosis) can be very common in the school setting. If your child is scratching/itching his or her head, please check for nits and live lice and let the school office know of any outbreak. Weekly at-home head checks by parents are recommended to help with any potential outbreak. Excellent resources for information include: your health care provider, at, or at

Emergency preparedness: Inaccordance with district policies, we have emergency supplies on campus in the event they are ever needed, and our school has an emergency plan that is kept up to date at all time. See an administrator if you would like additional information.

Student Safety

Before and After School Supervision: Elementary supervision is provided on the playground for 30 minutes before first bell; supervision is not available for students dropped off before then. After school, there is no supervision unless through an official activity. Middle school students who stay for an activity must remain on campus or at the location of the activity.

Walking/Biking to School: May is Bike-to-School Month. The walking school bus is a program whereby students walk to school in groups with chaperones and fixed routes. Bike racks are located on the north side of the building.

Doors: During the school day, only the north east door, and the main school doors, are unlocked. If you need to have the doors open during an evening event, you must coordinate that with the custodians.

No Parking and Bus Load Only Zones: Please respect the bus and parking zones around the school, as well as the needs of our neighbors by not blocking their driveways. For the safety of all children, if you plan to park and come into the school to pick up your child, please park away from the drop-off zone south of the upper ballfield on 18th Ave. NW, which is a no-parking zone from 8-10am and 2-4 pm Monday-Friday. Additionally, please note where 19th Ave. NW is a no-parking, bus-only zone. Finally, for their safety, please do not drop-off or pick-up students on NW 65th St. If a student wishes to visit or be visited by another student and rides the school bus, a temporary bus card (green card) should be requested from the main office.


The District has a phone information line that includes transportation information; that number is 252.0900. Please have your student(s) ID and route number handy. If a student wishes to visit or be visited by another student and rides the school bus, a temporary bus card (green card) should be requested from the main office. If your student has not ridden the bus in 3 days, you may need to call the transportation office to reinstate the bus stop.

Lunch & recess

We have 3 lunch "sessions". K, 1st and 2nd grade classes eat together, followed by 3rd/4th/5th grade classes, then Middle School students. If your student has a nut allergy, we do provide a nut-free table for their safety.

Free and reduced lunches: Students may purchase lunch from the cafeteria or bring lunch from home, or receive free or reduced lunch through the school lunch program. Applications for the free and reduced lunch program can be found in the main office.

Credit accounts for lunch: Children can take advantage of a credit system that allows your child to enter a code number to deduct the cost of their lunch from their credit account which you fill with cash at any time. The ID number is mailed to students before school starts. When the account runs out, student services will contact the family. Please see the Cafeteria Manager for more information.

Rainy Day Recess: We encourage students to go outside for fresh air whenever possible. On rainy days, the choices are to play in the gym, play games in the auditorium, or go outside (if it’s drizzling). In order to go outside students must have a raincoat. Some parents choose to keep one permanently in the locker for such occasions.


Classroom communications: Your child’s classroom teacher will let you know the best means of communication for individual questions or concerns. Some prefer phone messages, others prefer emails, and others prefer that you set up an appointment to chat. Some teachers choose to sent home a classroom-based newsletter, weekly or occasionally.

Administrative communications: Our administrative team can be hard to catch by phone or on a drop in basis. It’s usually better to send an email or schedule a meeting in advance.

Website: The web is the most timely way to get information out to families. Check the “hot topics” section for emerging news.

Robo calls: Occasionally either the district or our school will contact families by automated system, such as for snow closures or WEP cancellations.

Monday Bulletin: Our Monday Bulletin may be received by you via email, or send home with your student. Please read your Monday Bulletin regularly as it contains up-to-date information, notice of events, and more.

School Directory: The school directory provides addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for all families who choose to include this information. It typically comes out at the end of October each year.

Parent Bulletin Board: The parent board is located outside of the Volunteer Coordinators’ offices, and is another place to look for all-school information, announcements, flyers, etc.