About Salmon Bay School


Located in Ballard, Salmon Bay School is an alternative K-8 Seattle Public School, created when Coho Elementary and New Options Middle School merged in 1999. With the overarching mission of empowering compassionate, creative and independent thinkers, Salmon Bay’s talented faculty and administration have re-imagined primary and middle school educational structures.

Salmon Bay’s program builds relationships between teachers and students, and between students and students. Specialists in the arts, physical education, library and literacy enhance the strong core of academics with an integrated curriculum developed in an environment that emphasizes teamwork.

Salmon Bay is a school where teachers know their students, and students feel connected to their teachers and to each other. It’s a place where everybody is on a first name basis.

School Organization:

An Integrated Team Approach

Our elementary school is K-5. We have two looping kindergarten and first grade classes, two looping 2nd and 3rd grade classes, and two looping 4th and 5th grade classes.  We also have an I.E.P. (Special Education) teacher, 2 P.E. teachers, a literacy specialist, a librarian, and art and music specialists whom students work with each week. Elementary teachers work within a Primary Team (K, 1, 2) or an Intermediate Team (3, 4, 5).


Our middle school is organized into teams as well. Sixth graders have homeroom, integrated social studies and language arts, math, science and two exploratory classes (including one semester of PE). Seventh and eighth graders are on one of two 7-8 teams. All 7-8 core classes, except math, are mixed age (both 7th and 8th) classes. Each student has the same homeroom teacher for two years, and rotates core classes (LA, Science, SS, Math) with the same team, also for 2 years, with a two-year rotating curriculum. 7/8th graders have two exploratory classes, including PE, taught by teachers on all three teams. Students with I.E.P.'s are fully integrated into the regular class schedule.  Exploratory classes include include world language, art, band, marimba, drama, keyboarding, media arts, math olympiad and book-making.