Salmon Bay Auction

Every year we hold a parents-only dinner and auction to help support school activities.  There's always a theme and attendees are welcome to wear costumes, fancy dress, or what they wear every day.


2014 Auction

This year's auction is on March 1, 2014 at North Seattle Community College Wellness Center. The theme this year is as yet undecided. Stay tuned!



We're actively seeking donations and sponsorships for the auction.  Here are three ways to participate right now.

Keep an eye on the list below for more auction-related details.


2013 Auction Donation Form (downloadable version)

Note! There’s now an online version of the Auction Donation Form here.

If instead you’d rather print a copy then download and print the document and then return the completed form to the school.

Auction Reminders

The Auction is upon us (Saturday!) and there were just a few reminders we wanted to share with you.
1.  Please remember to label your potluck dish and your utensils.  We would love for your things to get back to you at the end of the evening.
2.  The catalog is virtually complete and avaiable online at
3.  If you want to come to this FUN event and haven't RSVP'd yet, no problem, you can pay at the door. 
4.  Our auction is being held at the North Seattle Community College Wellness Center.  Best entrance to the parking lot at the Wellness center is located  off of 92nd and Corliss Ave, which is the north end of the college.
5.  We hope to see you there and thank you for all you have done to create another terrific Salmon Bay Auction.
Bid on!!


School Auction is March 31st

The Salmon Bay School Auction is coming up on March 31st-- have you sent in your RSVP?

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and one of our most fun, most talked-about events! 

Want to see why? Click here for a highlight from last year's auction. 

Salmon Bay Auction Needs YOU!

Lights, Camera, Auction!!   We are getting close!  Are you excited?!  We are excited!

Have you checked out our online catalog?  If you have, you'll notice that we've only got about half the donations that we need to have a fun and successful auction. 

 "How can I help!?", you ask!


The strength of our auction comes from our families who donate fun and useful things.  We need silent items and higher end live items.

  • Is there a party you've always wanted to throw, but haven't had the chance or right group of people to throw it for?  NOW IS THE TIME!  Fancy, silly or just plain fun.....we'll take 'em!
  • Do you have a condo or cabin that you would donate for a week or long weekend?  We love those and need them!
  • Did you already fill out a form, but forget to turn it in?  DO IT. 

2. RSVP!

  • Go here
  • Mail in the RSVP card that you got in the mail*
  • Don't have a stamp?  Drop your RSVP card that you got in the mail in to the box in the main office!


  • You could come in your normal clothes, I GUESS. 
  • Or you could come in some sort of movie/Hollywood outfit!
  • A favorite movie character!
  • A super fancy starlet!
  • A Hollywood star (like a literal star... ;0)!
  • A director's type outfit!
  • A camera person!
  • Surprise us!

Thanks, friends!  We know that you'll do your best to make this a super fun party and a super DUPER fundraiser for our awesome school!

Your 2012 Auction Committee


Countdown to the 2010-2011 Auction!!!!

Commencing Countdown, Major Tom!  Time to plan your outfits and your potluck item for Saturday night.

RSVP's are accepted and ENCOURAGED through Wednesday at 5pm but you can walk in that night as well.  RSVP will save you and the check-in team lots of time. Contact Katie at

Get ready to shop!!! Click on the Auction tab and check out the Auction catalog. Amazing items for you to bid on on Saturday!!