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Drama at Salmon Bay 2012-'13

Thanks so much for your help this year! We have great hopes for an equally awesome 2012-'13. Projects and productions still in the works... so... stay tuned... please join us at our next drama committee meeting Monday June 25, if you would like to get involved. The Wizard.

Drama meeting/set strike Tuesday 3-4:30pm

In the auditorium. Please come! Talk about plans/hopes for next year. G.

Daytime cabaret shows for The Matchmaker this week

Thursday May 10, 1:10-1:40pm Act I – with principals Thursday May 10, 1:50-2:30 Act II – with principals Friday May 11, 1:10-1:40pm Act III with understudies Friday May 11, 1:50-2:30pm Act IV with understudies Elem students in the show: Julian MB – 1st grader is in Act III and Act IV, so you can see him on Friday. Alexander Silva – 4th grader is in all four Acts Sophie Muza and Ellie Mack – 5th graders are in Act IV only, so Friday is a better day to see them. All other students are 6,7,8th graders. These are kind of like dress rehearsals in front of an audience, but please feel free to come: esp if you have an understudy in the family! Cheers and thanks, G&Co.

Reserve seats for The Matchmaker Please follow this link to reserve seats. Don't forget to save the doc before you exit. There are only 100 chairs. Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Putting your name on this list is only a guarantee that there will be a chair for you at the show - it does not guarantee which seat that will be. There will be additional seating in the front, on the floor, for kids. There is also room to stand in the back. Remember, there will be no recording this performance as our royalty contract does not allow it. See you at the show! Glyde & Co.

Dates for the spring play The Matchmaker have been changed!

Due to MSP testing May 1-4, we have pushed back the dates of our spring production to from May 3, 4, 5 to May 10, 11 and 12- to avoid overloading our fabulous performers. Sorry for any confusion! G.

Bye Bye Birdie NOT coming to Salmon Bay!!!

Sad face. That was a nice idea but they just didn't get enough interest from the local schools so... the best we can do is go to BHS this week and actually SEE the show. It is so fun and will be great to see Jhamante rocking out. Sorry. G.

Cast list and rehearsal schedule available for The Matchmaker Go to this page to get the full cast/crew list and rehearsal schedule for our spring play The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder. Wish us many broken legs! G &Co.

BHS brings Bye Bye Birdie to Salmon Bay Wed March 21

Excerpts from Ballard High School spring musical featuring SBS alum Jhamante J as the rocker Conrad Birdie! MS concert 8:30-9am, 10 min break, ES concert 9:10-9:40am.

Chorus concert rescheduled AGAIN...??!! Yep.

This has been rescheduled from Mon Jan 23 and Mon Jan 30. Sorry for confusion! We just aren't ready for an evening show - dang that snow week - we will have an informal concert of solo and small group works on Tuesday afternoon. Looks like 7th period, or 1:45-ish works best for everyone. Thanks for your patience! G&Co

Chorus concert postponed till Mon Jan 30 7pm

previously scheduled for Mon Jan 23, we have postponed this concert one week. Free! Concert program will be posted by Wed Jan 25. Sorry for any inconvenience. G.

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