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One Acts playlist

Here is the list of one acts and monologues in the program Friday June 18. Hope to see you there! G&Co.

Young Playwrights One Act Play Festival


Performance/rehearsal schedule:


Monday June 14, 5th period cabaret, 1:30-2:30pm
Monday June 14, 5th period dress rehearsal 3:30-5:30pm
Tuesday June 15, 6th period cabaret, 2:30-3:30pm
Tuesday, June 15, 6th period dress rehearsal, 3:30-5:30pm
Young Playwrights One Act Play Festival
Friday, June 18 7pm (6pm call for actors/tech)
This is the big bang performance at the end of the year. Come and join us for the fun!

Wizard of Oz tickets

Hi parents,

We are expecting huge turnouts for the Wizard of Oz and so RSVP is required. Please click the link below to RSVP.

Should you need to change or cancel, just follow the link again and RSVP again using the same name. We will use your most recent RSVP.
If you have any problems with this on-line format, you may contact either Glyde King or Marian Wagner directly. We want to make sure everyone has a seat!

A new Gloria

We have a new Gloria - Meghan Kemp! Yet another final version of the final cast. Cheers, G.

Another final cast list!

Yes. That's right. Audrey's out. Jonny's in. Grace and Lauren are moving up. Check it out.

New OZ Cast List

After much deliberation I have chosen the "final" cast for The Wizard of Oz:

The role of Scarecrow is going to Emma Prang, Gloria is going to Audrey Delaney-Hannah and 1st General is going to Jonny Cecchony. Also, Ema Sheehan's little sister is going to be Toto! How cute is that?

To add another twist, I am trying to turn the Wicked Witch into a singing role and the 1st General into a guitar player!

There are a few other minor changes. Full cast list is posted at the bottom of the Theatrical Productions page. Don't forget to hand in your OST forms and your contracts.

Oz update

Sketches for OZ costumes are posted on this. Check them out! Rehearsal schedule and current cast list are also there.

Wizard of Oz update:
Oz rehearsals begin Monday after break, February 22. 

Rehearsals are Mon, Tues and Thurs through April 30.
Only Dorothy needs to be at EVERY rehearsal. Please check the schedule to see when you are supposed to be there!
It looks like Marion’s third grade class is taking on the Munchkins scene – how cool is that!?
We still need a pianist for rehearsals? You don’t have to be there every day… but as much as possible? Help!

Performances are Fri April 30@ 7pm, Sat May 1 @ 2pm, Fri May 7 @ 7pm and Sat May 8 @ 2pm.

We're Off to See the Wizard!

See the calendar for dates.

See the Theatrical Productions page for a scanned image of my hand-written calendar. Hope you can read it!

Keep in mind that students will have a contract for this production: they must have it signed and returned by the first rehearsal. This document is to remind them (and their parents) of the big time commitment this production entails and the responsibilities involved in that commitment. It is also a reminder about the use of cell phones during rehearsal (not), the use of ipods during rehearsal (not) and the habit of some students to wander the halls when they are not on stage (NOT!). We need to keep time-wastage down to a minimum with this production.

This musical will be in conjunction with Mark Oesterle and the SBS band.

Still looking for a pianist for rehearsal accompaniment, a choreographer and lighting designer? All hands welcome!

Cheers! The Wizard 

Martin Luther King Jr. day assembly

The first semester young playwrights class will be presenting the Martin Luther King Jr. day assembly this year. Students chose five moments in time that represented some kind of crisis in civil rights, then I went home over winter break and put it together in a book-it style script. (script is attached below - if I can figure out how to do that?).

In our half-hour presentation we cover Moses, Mulan, Pocahontas and Powhatan, Susan B. Anthony and Robin Hood!

Please join us on Tues. Jan 19 at 2:30pm for this one-time show.

In loving memory...


Young Playwrights' One Act Play Festival Fri., Dec 11, 7pm

This is the culminating performance of our semester's work so far.
Middle school students will be presenting an evening of original pieces written, performed, directed and technically-enabled by the members of Glyde's fall drama class.

There will be preview showings of Act One on Thursday and Act Two on Friday during 6th period class, followed by general discussion and trouble-shooting sessions with audience participation. So, if you can't make it to the evening performance please come to school on Thursday or Friday.

Cast list and play roster are posted below.

Join in the fun and support your budding theatre artists!

Cheers, Glyde.

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