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Glyde King's blog

Tom Sawyer SOLD OUT Fri and Sat

Friday night and Sat performances to "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" are now sold out - meaning, we have 130 seats and those are all reserved. There is still room for standing in the back, sitting in the front and (possibly) sitting at a table in the back in the cafeteria... Still some chairs left for Thursday night! They're going fast! G.

Salmon Bay has new curtains and lights!

In case you haven't noticed, Salmon Bay School has new red velvet and black velveteen curtains on its old stage AND new LED light fixtures and mixing board AND a beautiful new fir surround for the proscenium arch. It is a minor miracle due in part to the generosity of FOSB, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but mostly due to the efforts of dynamo Steve McGehee who made it all happen so quickly and professionally. It is stunning!

Although the new fixtures are in place, we have not yet paid for it all. Please contact Glyde to see how you can help make those ends meet.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity. This is a much-needed facelift to our tired old stage. It makes those of us who use the stage feel very much appreciated and cared for, and it makes us want to work even harder to blow you away. 

Thank you thank you!

Glyde & Co.

Reserve tix for Tom Sawyer

Here is the link to the google.doc for Tom Sawyer tix. Admission is free but you will need to reserve a chair if you want to sit in one. Cheers! And thanks for your support!

Spring play chosen

"The Matchmaker" by Thornton Wilder will be the spring play this year. This is a wacky comedy of mistaken identity, star-crossed lovers and people pretending to be richer than they are. Happy ending? Ha! Scripts will be available for perusal before auditions. Auditions will be just before midwinter break. G.

Tom Sawyer cabaret Dec 8, 1-2:30pm

Selected scenes from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, adapted for the stage by Glyde Hart King and Riley Richards. This will be our only school-day matinee.

Salmon Bay chorus groups perform at the UW book fair

As of this moment, we have the following student chorus groups performing at the UW book fair this weekend. Please go to the book fair, buy some books and support our middle school singers while you’re at it. Thanks so much!

Sat Nov 19 11:30am Zoe’s group (6th period chorus singing one song) This is Zoe, Savannah, Aleah, Jesse, Sophie, Kaila

Sun Nov 20 2:10 Ingemar’s group (6th period chorus singing two songs) This is Ingemar, Avante, Caroline, Mae, Willa, Grace

2:40 Lily R, Aliya H. and Colton B (5th period chorus singing Next To You)

Monday Nov 21 6:30pm Jonny C., Cameron L., Nathan M., Ondrea R., Molly, Sophia CH (5th period chorus singing Float On)

7:15pm Seth E., Oliva VT, Elizabeth V, Cecilia K (5th period chorus singing Over My Head and Animal)

7:30pm Mia’s group (6th period chorus singing two songs) This is Mia C, Lily R, Marlene P, Claire P, Amelia, Lenora and Claire A.

Cast for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Attached is the current cast list for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It may shift a bit over the next couple of weeks... First read-through is Monday Oct 10 in the auditorium. 3-4:30pm.

Little Shop cast party after school on Thursday - Glyde's Room 306

Karaoke. Pot luck. Bring your favorite snacks!

Reservations for Little Shop of Horrors, Thurs May 19 @ 7pm; Fri May 20 @ 7pm and Sat May 21 @ 2pm.

This is for anyone who wants a CHAIR for a performance. There will be sitting on the floor for the littles and standing in the back for the biggles. But if you want a chair, you will have to reserve one. Please be sure to SAVE the document after you make your entry. Cheers, G.

Acting/Directing cabaret 4/14 5th period

Program for the April 14 cabaret. Izzy Mar (Austion Olson dir.)– song from “13”. Ruby Ellis and Stella Ramos (Taylor Collins dir.) scene from Alice in Wonderland. Devon Smith, Eden Wenokur, Savanah Furia – “Death by Peach” written and directed by Amelia Miller. Ingamar Christopherson (Finn Calvert dir.) monologue from The Little Prince. Maddie Zeiler and Maya Vesneske (Bayley Peterson/Kian Deshler dir.) scene from Lone Star. Jack Wilson (Bella Wilson dir.) monologue from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Manny Eckert (Percy Boyle dir.) monologue from This Boy’s Life. It will be a full period of work. Show will begin promptly at 12:55. Please enter quietly if you are late. This is not recommended for kids K-3 as one of the scenes contains mature content. Cheers! The Wizard