Middle School Daily Bulletin 11/13/12

Salmon Bay School TUESDAY’S DAILY BULLETIN 11/13/12 EVERYONE HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HUNGRY? WHAT ABOUT WHEN YOU WERE THE HUNGRIEST? Remember that and imagine it ten times worse. That is how more than one billion people feel every day. If you want to help, donate to the Salmon Bay food drive, sponsored by Nicolette’s Class, right here at Salmon Bay. All you have to do is put non-perishable foods in the bins of your Homeroom class and you could win thirty minutes of extra recess! Dates: It begins today, November 13th and ends Friday, December 14th. Carbohydrates, like bread, cereal, rice, and other grain products are an inexpensive source of energy. Bring carbohydrates! MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS SEATTLE YOUTH COMMISSION: The Seattle Youth Commission is hosting a Youth Community meeting to get ideas of what you want us to do over the year. The meeting will be on Wednesday, November 14, at 5pm in room S105 on the first floor of Ballard H.S. Pizza will be provided. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Hope to see you there. Cecelia ASB: ASB meets today in Janet’s room at lunchtime. Janet GSA: GSA meets tomorrow in Janet’s room at lunchtime. Janet