Principal's Note

Dear Salmon Bay Families:
It’s been a jam-packed year, full of learning, field trips, hard work, projects, performances, laughter and celebrations.
One more celebration: Our Math Olympiad Team. In the grade level competitions, our 7th grade team took 1st place in the district. Our 8th grade team took 2nd place in the district. As a combined 6-7-8 team they took 2nd place. The 6th grade team placed 3rd in geometry and measurement. The 7th grade team placed 1st in geometry and measurement, and also probability and statistics, and 2nd place in problem solving. The 8th grade team took 1st place in algebra and 2nd in probability and statistics. Congratulations to all the students on the team, and to their coach/teacher, Hien Le.
A reminder: there will be projects and construction going on in the building over the summer (a new boiler furnace, and new windows and shades), so there will be days when there is not access or limited access. It will be best to call ahead to Karen in the main office to find out if the building is open that day. Also: class placement information and schedules will come home to you sometime in August.
I’d like to thank you for all you do to make Salmon Bay School a true learning community. Without the support of all our parents and families, along with all the hours of volunteering and support you give, the experience for our students would not be the same. Our staff feel so fortunate to be able to partner with you, and your children, every year, always looking for new ways for students to learn and thrive.
Enjoy your summer! Don’t forget to spend time at the library, and read, read, read!
Take care