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Is there supervision before or after school on school grounds?
Elementary supervision is provided on the playground for 30 minutes before first bell; supervision is not available for students dropped off before then. After school, there is no supervision unless through an official activity. Middle school students who stay for an activity must remain on campus or at the location of the activity.

How Can I find Out about Bus Transportation?

Bus routes are mailed to you from the Transportation Department at the end of August.  For questions about eligibility, pick-up and drop off stops, or bus assignment call Seattle Public Schools Transportation Office at 252-0900.

What about car transportation?

Cars should drop students off next to the West curb on the East side of the school on 18th Ave NW. Please do not park on 18th in the white curb zone.  This is for drop-offs and pick ups ONLY.  During drop off and pick up we treat this street as a "ONE Way" street... please enter north of the school, and move south. Do not double park, or drop off your children so they have to cross over to the school in front of other cars.  When entering the white curb zone, please pull forward so that we can fit in as many cars as possible.  BUSES drop off students on 19th Ave NW.  Please do not drop off your student on 19th Ave NW as this creates a dangerous safety risk. 

NW 65th Street is a very busy street with many cars exceeding the speed limit.  The Seattle Police Department has strongly requested that we do not use NW 65th St. for drop off or pick up.

Where can I park?
If you plan to park and come into the school to pick up your child, please park away from the drop-off zone south of the upper ballfield on 18th Ave. NW, which is a no-parking zone from 8-10am and 2-4 pm Monday-Friday. Additionally, please note where 19th Ave. NW is a no-parking, bus-only zone. Finally, for their safety, please do not drop-off or pick-up students on NW 65th St.

Can my child ride the bus home with a friend?
If a student wishes to visit or be visited by another student and rides the school bus, a temporary bus card (green card) should be requested in writing from the main office.

What is the district's Transportation phone number?
That number is 252.0900. Please have your student(s) ID and route number handy.  If your student has not ridden the bus in 3 days, you may need to call the transportation office to reinstate the bus stop.

What is the recess policy?
We encourage students to go outside for fresh air whenever possible. On rainy days the choices are to play in the gym, play quiet games in the auditorium, or go outside (if it’s drizzling). In order to go outside students must have a raincoat. Some parents choose to keep one permanently in the locker for such occasions.

What if my child needs to take medication while at school?
All students requiring medications during the school day MUST have a Medication Authorization Form filled out and signed by their Health Care Provider. The form is available online here (link to SPS), or you may contact Nurse Julie or one of our office staff. Medications must be in their original container, labeled and kept in the school office.